Teaching with a heart means teaching with compassion. It’s about minding others before yourself. It’s about sharing what you know without asking for anything in return; it’s selfless love.

Showing kids kindness can go a long way because if they know what it feels to be the recipient of others’ kindness, then they’ll grow up showing kindness to others too. It’s sort of like a ripple effect which can affect the surroundings.

Here are some of the fun activities you can teach to kids whenever you feel like being a volunteer teacher:



In mybeautifuladventures, there are tips on how you can teach kids to swim. We all know that swimming isn’t just a fun activity; it also fosters physical and mental health. It can even strengthen their relationship with others. Swimming can help children appreciate the calmness of water and the importance of having fun. Swimming is a combination of both relaxation and moderate physical workout, making it an excellent hobby for kids. You can also teach them about pool cleaning so that they won’t only know how to swim; they’ll also value cleanliness and hygiene. Pool cleaning also instills discipline.



Teaching kids to paint is also a fulfilling activity that can encourage them to be more observant, more careful, and more creative. Painting is a great mental exercise for youngsters especially for those who are going through tough times. Painting can serve as a therapy that will help them be more optimistic in life. The activity even promotes excellence in art, which is something kids will appreciate in the future.


dad-kid-cleaning-washing-dishesYou shouldn’t only teach kids about cleaning pools, but they must also know how to clean in general. Keeping their surroundings neat and tidy will help them be more productive and organized in the future. After all, no one wants a messy classmate, officemate, or employee. Teaching them the value of cleaning will also teach them the importance of sanitation and health. A clean environment also improves the mood. If a desk is disordered or a room is in chaos, it could bring about negative feelings and a bad mood. This is why people sleep better in a well-kept room than in a shambolic one.

These three are just some of the things you can teach kids which will help them become better individuals and citizens. Be patient and kind enough when dealing with them. Remember, you were a kid once.