Who We Are

We are individuals who recently been involved into charity works. The organization started with six members and were able to grow to 25 members and hopefully, will grow more. It started with a simple participation and as we see the faces of the people who benefited to what we’ve done, we can’t stop.

What We Do

Incelebration.co.uk organizes fund raising events to help organizations. We believe that by extending our help to these organization not only change lives but also gives meaning to those who donate. Our organization is so happy to see that what we do matters. Most of the funds we were able to donate came from celebrations we participated. First we introduce ourselves and let everyone watch a short presentation of the lives their going to touch if they choose to participate. Most of the people in the events are very responsive by giving their donations. At the end of the day, everyone had fun and were able to do something great.

Be Inspired

To those who haven’t grasp of what we’re trying to say. Read the articles provided below. They will inspire you to look beyond yourself and struggles and learn that there are people who are in need. www.womansday.com, charity.org, www.randomactsofkindness.orgwww.kindspring.org, and www.gofundme.com.

No act of kindness, no matter small is ever wasted – Aesop