What’s a skin?

If you’re a novice, a skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) refers to a “finish” that is purely cosmetic. It changes only the design of a knife or firearm, not the firepower of the weapon.

Taking a closer look

skin-csgo-gunSkins in CS:GO were introduced last 2013. There are over a hundred skins available, including Sand Spray and Leather. Skins can be classified into the quality of grade, exterior quality, and function.

Grade Quality

These skins are also available in a few quality grades. The rarer the skin is, the higher its value. Here’s the order of grades from the lowest to the highest quality:

  • Consumer – Common
  • Industrial – Uncommon
  • Mil-Spec – Rare
  • Restricted – Mythical
  • Classified – Legendary
  • Covert – Ancient
  • Gold – Extremely Rare
Exterior Quality

Skins can also be categorized depending on the quality of their exterior look. This refers to how slow or fast the skin wears and tears. Here are the skins from fastest (to wear and tear) to lowest:

  • cs-go-knife-skinsBattle-Scarred
  • Well-Worn
  • Field-Tested
  • Minimal Wear
  • Factory New

Lastly, skins can either be Normal, Stat-Trak, or Souvenir. Take note that all skins are normal, but no skin can be offered in Stat-Trak and Souvenir.

Normal skins don’t include special functions or characteristics—they’re basically normal.

Stat-Trak weapons, on the other hand, include a tiny LED display on the gun which allows the owner to track how many has been killed by the gun. If you’re going to buy a Stat-Trak skin from a community market, however, you won’t be able to get the previous owner’s number of kills. That’s because the kill counter resets.

Souvenirs are special weapons, and most of them are too rare they could cost hundreds of dollars.

Acquiring Skins

the-CSGo-bot-newBy checking out the best sites for trade bots in https://csgototem.com/trading-bots/, you can acquire skins. You can purchase skins from the Steam Community Market, but trading is the best choice. Whatever you do, it’s best to acknowledge that trading bots that have been existing for years now and have a clean record. Opt for them since they’re more trustworthy, and they’ll be a lot more beneficial for you.

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