Child Abandonment Cases

Have you ever thought leaving a child you just brought out in this world? Probably not. But this is happening in the real world. We received cases of child abandonment not only in third world countries but also in UK. How sad to think that a mother can let go of her child without knowing what will happen to her little one’s future. This might anger anyone but still we are not in the right position to judge them.

Be A Little Angel’s Savior

Everyone is not fit to adopt an abandoned child. So what you can do to help if you can’t adopt a child? At least help institutions that take care of abandon children. That’s the least we can do as individuals who care. These children are little angels, innocent from the harshness of the world, and they needed a savior like you to guide their innocence until they become adults.

Adopting An Abandoned Child

Adoption is not that easy. You’ll have to be prepared with all the necessary papers and requirements to prove that you are qualified to take care of a child. Your income should be sufficient to¬†support a growing up child plus, you should be emotionally ready. Welcoming a new member of the family can be a big adjustment but can be a rewarding experience. If you have a heart to adopt a child, we urge you to read and research first whether it is for you.

Child Adoption

Who can adopt a child?

Ten Step Overview

Abandoned Children’s Fund

Single and Keep Thinking About Adoption

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