old man laying in the street

We have received an letter from a friend. Her name is Hannah. She has a wonderful heart and a kindred soul. We can’t just keep this to ourselves. So we better share this to everyone who visits this site. Meet Hannah, a young observer who wants to share you her thoughts.

Unusual encounter

I can’t help but ask questions whenever I walk the streets. There you can meet people passing by, staring to the blankness of the reality that’s in front of them. It’s a usual walk, But this time, something is different, a new face that’s haunting me. He was a tall man, probably in his 60’s, he wanders in the street with his dirty clothes and barefoot. I felt sorry for him, he must be in a difficult situation of life that puts him in his current state. Yet I was afraid to offer help, because he might doesn’t want to be helped and based on what my parents would say, stay away from these kinds of people. I simply walked and pretended to ignore him.

Sleepless Night

After that encounter, I don’t know why the image that day still keeps on flashing on mind. I continued to ask myself why I didn’t bother to offer a dime. I promised to myself that if I get to have another encounter with him, I’ll do differently. I can’t sleep so I decided to read a book. I would normally be able to go to sleep after reading a chapter, but this night, I can’t. That man still ringing my conscience. I said to myself, “other people would do the same, I’m not a bad person.” So I assessed myself intently why that encounter is causing me to act like this. I figured out why, he reminds me of my grandfather. He has the same feature as him, he was a tall old man. We used to be close when he was alive. Before he died, he would call me everyday and ask me how my day was. He wants me to visit him but I was busy in school, I told him that we will be there on his birthday. I told him it was a promise. He simply said, okay. Then, the next morning, the bad news came. I wish that I visited him and told him how much he means to me. This void in my heart was never gone. It was a regret for a lifetime.

I Would Do Differently This Time

Now that I already figured out why I’m acting like this, I went for another walk, hoping that I would find him. My heart is racing in the thought that he wouldn’t be there. But there he was, sitting alone. I gathered all my guts to approach him and gave him a doubtful smile. It was such a relief that he smiled back. I asked him if he was hungry, he said yes. I bought food and drinks for both of us so that at least I could chat with him. He took the food with teary eyes. I joined him and sat beside him. It was a pleasant conversation about his life. It was getting dark so I have to bid goodbye, he said to me,”Thank you so much for stopping by, you are the only person who dared to talk to me in years. I missed talking to people, it reminds me how to be happy again.” I realized that there are things we cannot postpone. If someone needs us, be there for them. Don’t wait until its too late to do good things for them. Because you’ll never know when time will take them away.